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Cherry Overload – Flyswatter Show

Call the show, please: 678-368-4935.

I’m calling this show Cherry Overload because I am on the tail end of a gout attack and have been stuffing my face with cherries and drinking cherry juice until I have grown sick of them. And cherries used to be my favorite fruit. Thus….

Farewell Luna

A good thing going on is that lately a lot of freelance work has come in, and from doing a preliminary tax assessment, we may actually owe a little money to the federal government, which would not be happening if I weren’t bringing in some cash. Hopefully what I make can make a difference in our family income. If you need some graphic design, photo retouching, or illustration done, let me know. Hint, hint.

We also are fixing our MacBook’s hard drive which just crashed (luckily we were able to recover just about everything), and decided it was high time to buy some external hard drive so that all three of our main computers can be backed up. Expensive, but no longer will I lie in bed at night not sleeping over worry about this. Back up your hard drives, fools!

Kara Square

The first musician I am playing today is by Jared Wohl, who goes by the name Farewell Luna. The song I am playing is “By The Morning” from his EP which is also called By The Morning.

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from Jersey Joe, who asked that I consider playing Farewell Luna, and after listening, I quite agree. Jersey Joe does a podcast called Jersey Joe’s Pick to Click, and he makes it a specialty to find artists who are posting their work on Music Alley. He picks out Pop/Rock/Alternative acts, and really helps them out by giving them exposure.

Human Face

The next song I am playing is a delightfully nerdy and upbeat ukelele-based love song by Kara Square called “I Heart Your Brain” from her upcoming album Love Songs For Everyone But Especially Uke. Kara Square has been a long-time comic songwriter who is very involved in the ccMixter Creative Commons community and also has several very popular videos out.

The final song today is from Human Face. The song is “Told You So” from their album The Waiting Game (Part One), which can be downloaded for free from their Bandcamp page. They are a synth indie rock act that was started in 2010 in Hertfordshire, UK.



Ed & Michael Buckner: “In Freedom We Trust” – Flyswatter Show

On January 13, Ed and Michael Buckner gave a talk at Atlanta Freethought Society about their new book “In Freedom We Trust: An Atheist Guide to Religious Liberty”, about how America is an exceptional nation because of the separation of religion and state.

Ed and Michael were kind enough to allow me to record their speech so I am presenting it to you. I tried cleaning up some of the more egregious sound problems, but as it was recorded at Atlanta Freethought Hall with a full house, you are still going to hear some extra sounds. The talk lasts an hour.

Their book has been released by Prometheus Books of Amherst, NY and is available wherever books are sold, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, etc.


It’s All Good – Flyswatter Show

Today I talk about positive feminism, and how it really is good for everyone, men and women both. Feminism is not about women beating men in some race to the top, but is about going together through life as equals. I cannot for the life of me see the controversy in that, and why there is such a backlash of women-hating these days.


I also read a lot of quotes about feminism that I have found.

Next I play some feel-good music selections.

Ox B

The first is Dr. Wippit‘s “Mama Baby (feat. The Kenilworth Project, Bobby the Dread)” from his album An Anthology of Sorts. You can buy that album from iTunes and Amazon.

Oregon Chad

Next up is a Trip Hop piece “Open Your World” by Ox B from his album The Toast Vol.1. He is also with the rap group BRMG.

Finally I play an instrumental piece by Oregon Chad called “Life’s a Beautiful Joke.” I couldn’t find out much about him, originally not even a photo, even on his page. The photo in the blog post came from a very old Myspace photo I found and I hope its him! He’s mysterious, but he does have a podcast, the link to the feed of which is here.



Cold Mouse Hand – Flyswatter Show

I was having a rather enjoyable argument about male privilege, feminism, men’s rights, parental rights, etc. on Facebook, when I realized time was wasting away and I needed to get the first show of 2013 out soon as it was already late in the week. The guy I was having a discussion with is on Australia time, so he had no clue about how late it was here. I offered to have him Skype in and that would be my podcast but he didn’t get in touch with me. So a music show it is!

The Damned and Dirty

I am going to play music that I like that was recently uploaded to That will be the entire criteria. This is going to be one wacky show.

The first band I am playing is The Damned and Dirty, which is an offshoot project of Kevin de Harde and Micha Sprenger who are with the Netherlands band BluesMotel. The song, which made me laugh, is “John the Evil Homeopath” and it comes from their self-titled album.The Damned and Dirty is released under a permissive Creative Commons Licence. You can download it for free but if you are super nice and want to purchase it, it is available from iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and CD Baby.

13 Shadows

The next band I am playing is one that is so new that I can’t find out much about it. It is the goth band 13 Shadows, which is fronted by a very lovely singer named Denise Donahue. There is just no information about this band that I can see, though the do have a YouTube video up for the song I am playing, which is “7 Years”. I am seeing the beginnings of a webpage being designed but it is still at the “Lorem Ipsum” filler text stage. They also have a Myspace page which surprisingly appears to have been set up recently. Myspace lives!

Chris Morris

Finally, I am playing the pop tune “Up Up and Away” by Chris Morris, from his album Changes. This is a very bouncy, upbeat, dance-y and polished piece by a guy who knows what he’s doing. He has a lot of albums out there, plus a lot of well-made videos, but no band blurb that I can find, so I can’t tell you much about him other than he’s from California and he’s just adorable.

My mouse hand is freezing because the basement where I am recording is cold and my desk is right next to the window, so I’m going to log off. Be sure to leave me a good review on iTunes! It really helps.


Les Misérable Holiday Week – Flyswatter Show

Hi. I know this is late. But Christmas happened. We went up to see my mom and some siblings the weekend beforehand, and my mom got sick, so it was kind of unfun for her and for us. But Dwight had to work early on the 26th, so we came home in the heavy, scary fog from Tennessee, to the heavy, scary fog of Atlanta, and had Christmas at home. We went out for vegan Chinese and then went to see Les Misérables, which was a depressing but amazingly great big musical which will win a million Oscars.

And I’ve also been working on a newsletter for Atlanta Freethought Society, so I pulled an all-nighter.

Also I had a failure on the settings of my mixer, so this is a re-record. And I am so tired.

So I’m playing a single, very good jazz piece by BMR4 called “The Blues at Clark and Addison” from their album Turning Point.

Leave me voicemail at 678-368-4935. Find Flyswatter Show on Leave feedback on iTunes. Go to my Facebook pageand hang out with me.




Rockabilly Will Never die – Flyswatter Show

Big Bad Meow

Because I hate Christmas and I love Rockabilly, this is a non-Christmas show. Enjoy. Enjoy.

I first play Big Bad Meow‘s artsy and creative Americana punk song “La La La” from their album Big Phat Pussycat. This song just tears at you.

Crankshaft and the Gear Grinders

Then I . . . → Read More: Rockabilly Will Never die – Flyswatter Show


A Party of Citizens – Flyswatter Show

Great news! Flyswatter show is now on Stitcher. Listen to us on your iPhone, Android Phone, Kindle Fire and other devices with Stitcher. Find it free in your app store or at, and when you download, register with Facebook so you can share your comments about our show. We want to hear from . . . → Read More: A Party of Citizens – Flyswatter Show


How to Put in a Podcast Rating on iTunes 11 – Flyswatter Show


Today, I am playing a voicemail from what may be my only listener! He asks how to put in a rating on iTunes for a podcast.

Crankshaft and the Gear Grinders

Well…with iTunes 11, Apple has handily made it more difficult and with many more steps than there needs to be, . . . → Read More: How to Put in a Podcast Rating on iTunes 11 – Flyswatter Show


Flyswatter Show 11-30-12

I saved yesterday’s show as a draft but apparently didn’t hit the Publish button until I was coming in here to work on this page, so…my bad!

Anyway, I am really glad NaPodPoMo is over for me as soon as I hit the Publish button on today’s show. This has been a stressful month. . . . → Read More: Flyswatter Show 11-30-12


Flyswatter Show 11/29/12

No Market Radio

One more day of NaPodPoMo. And I forgot to post this draft. So it’s a day late–so sue me!

Busy today with Photoshop work, and then Dwight and I have been trying to figure out how to get a non-standard-size door to fit our non-standard size basement. Seriously, our house . . . → Read More: Flyswatter Show 11/29/12


Flyswatter Show 11-28-12

Running late on the show tonight because I’ve been working all day, plus I fixed dinner and then Dwight and I decided to watch the first episode of a six-part PBS reality miniseries called “Circus“. It is about the Big Apple Circus, is on Netflix Instant Watch, and so far, it is very good.

. . . → Read More: Flyswatter Show 11-28-12


Flyswatter Show 11-27-12

Sonja Hewer

So listener, if you are actually out there, do you think it’s worth me continuing this show or should I just go ahead and shut this podcast down? Give me a call 678-368-4935 and give me some advice. If you care to. Whatevs.

Pär Berglund

I just really need more . . . → Read More: Flyswatter Show 11-27-12


Flyswatter Show 11-26-12

My husband is putting in more and more free overtime now that he’s on salary, and he promised that this would not happen. He’s also making a lot less money than he was as an hourly employee. Very frustrating.

Maia’s high school days are winding down and not a moment too soon.

We finally . . . → Read More: Flyswatter Show 11-26-12


Flyswatter Show 11-25-12

Here’s a show where I have no idea what to talk about. If you do, you can leave me a message on voicemail: 678-368-4935. I don’t think it will happen though.

So I scanned a book today (and I hate scanning so I wasn’t a happy camper), and I took Maia to buy school . . . → Read More: Flyswatter Show 11-25-12


Flyswatter Show 11-24-12

678-368-4935. That’s the voicemail number. Hint, hint.

I am putting in bed music on this episode once again, due to background noise, i.e. typing upstairs, sportsball-watchin’, barking dogs, airplanes.

It’s beautiful outside but cold. We’re going to have the first hard freeze of the season tonight so I went out and picked all the . . . → Read More: Flyswatter Show 11-24-12


Flyswatter Show 11-23-12

My voicemail is 678-368-4935 in case you get a bee in your bonnet and want to leave me a message. Le sigh.

Anyway, protests happened at Walmarts today. Yay for workers rights!

Riots and general stupidity happened at Walmarts today. Boo for humans showing their group tendency to become cesspools of depravity. Want proof?

. . . → Read More: Flyswatter Show 11-23-12


Flyswatter Show 11-22-12

Benedict Cumberbatch in glorious drag

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am cooking vegan food so we’ll have something to eat at Thanksgiving with the relatives.

My friend Naomi has been finding all kinds of pictures of celebrities in drag.

I play the beautiful, instrumental-heavy “Half Asleep” by the Vancouver band One Arctic One.

Remember, no . . . → Read More: Flyswatter Show 11-22-12


Flyswatter Show 11-21-12

Another new show.

I have to record another one today for posting tomorrow as I am going down to my niece’s for Thanksgiving and won’t be able to post. The first year of NaPodPoMo I always posted the day before. It would have been intelligent if I had done that this year.

I had . . . → Read More: Flyswatter Show 11-21-12


Flyswatter Show 11-20-12

Actually forgot to podcast today until 10:50 p.m. so I am rushing to get this show up before the midnight deadline. It’s 11:34 as I type this. Will she make it, boys and girls?

I play a fun tune by The Millipede called “The Attack of The Enormous Skeletons From Pluto”–fine music from Austin, . . . → Read More: Flyswatter Show 11-20-12


Flyswatter Show 11-19-12

It has been a gloomy, Eeyore sort of day in which I didn’t get much of what I was supposed to do done.

I did get to a dollar store to get fingernail clippers, cat food, and earbuds.

I did get to a beauty supply store to get bleach for my daughter’s hair so . . . → Read More: Flyswatter Show 11-19-12


I talk about strange people I saw in the Poncey-Highlands area of Atlanta, the wonderful bar Manuel’s Tavern, and how come people who have known me for years have somehow missed the fact that I’ve been a podcaster since 2006.

Then I play Steven Wright-Mark‘s great song “That Star” from his new album My . . . → Read More:


Flyswatter Show 11-17-12

I recorded Ed Buckner‘s talk at Atlanta Freethought Society about the Treaty of Tripoli in May of 2011. Ed Buckner is the former president of American Atheists and is currently the Chair of the AFS Activism Task Force.

We fondly call him Fast Eddie B!

You can read an earlier version of this talk . . . → Read More: Flyswatter Show 11-17-12


Flyswatter Show 11-16-12

I am having such a hard time podcasting this year. I am so very busy doing work I do not feel qualified to do, but have been thrust into that position. I am so afraid that I am doing something wrong because I can’t tell exactly what I am supposed to be doing. But . . . → Read More: Flyswatter Show 11-16-12


Flyswatter Show 11-15-12

Dr. Andy Thompson

Dr. Andy Thomson, co-author with Clare Aukofer of Why We Believe In God(s): A Concise Guide to the Science of Faith, spoke last September at Atlanta Freethought Society and graciously allowed me to record him. This is a very long show and I discovered that when I rendered it, it . . . → Read More: Flyswatter Show 11-15-12


Flyswatter Show 11-14-12


Richard Haynes

Today on Flyswatter Show, I present a recording I made in August 2011 at Atlanta Freethought Society: “There and Back Again” by Brother Richard, aka Richard Haynes.

Richard Haynes is a writer and public speaker living in Atlanta, Georgia. He was raised in a nonreligious home, but as a teenage . . . → Read More: Flyswatter Show 11-14-12



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